Building the Immune Systems of the Mind

Building the Immune System of the Mind

I’d like to share a short video clip from Ken Wapnick discussing the application of A Course in Miracles during the Swine flu pandemic that gripped the world in 2009.

For those of you who never had the chance to meet Ken, he was an amazingly kind, loving soul who was part of the original editing and publication of the course. His wise, gentle teaching continues to inspire and guide many students around the world.

Apologies for the audio quality (mono-only).

A few quotes from Ken in this video:

Peace is a decision in the mind, and the mind is totally unaffected by the body. The body is simply a projection of the mind. And has never left its source in the mind. Our external concerns are simply the projections of the decision to join with the ego.

When our minds are healed, there is a peace that is totally invulnerable to anything that appears to be outside of us.

When we’re at peace, our minds will automatically dictate to our bodies whatever it is we should do or how we should work with others to ensure peace and safety for all people.

Wishing you much peace!

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