we choose our parents

We Choose Our Parents

I was born on August 23rd. Apparently I’m both a Leo and a Virgo. I never put too much faith in astrology, although when people describe some of the characteristics of Leo-Virgos, many seem to align with my nature.

Coincidence? Proof?

While a lot of horoscopes are written in such a generalized way applying to nearly anyone, many people wonder whether the constellation of stars does indeed influence their lives.

The surprising answer is both no and yes.

No, the alignment of stars the moment you were born (or even now) doesn’t have any causative effect on your life. The nearest constellation to us (Alpha Centauri) is about four light years away. That means that any effect from stars in that cluster today couldn’t impact us for another four years. The brightest star in the Virgo constellation (Spica) is almost 300 light years away. I’ll be long dead – by several generations – before those stars can “cross” me.

So, it’s all bunk, right?

Actually, no.

There is a reason why so many “star sign” characteristics align with individual lives. The effect isn’t causative, it’s correlative.

We chose the “star sign” – just like we choose our parents.

Those choices were made in the mind, which is completely outside of the realm of time and space. But the reason we made (and continue to make) those choices is to have the experiences we’re having.

It is such a challenging concept to consider that we are the author of the script, not an unwitting participant. It is far easier to see ourselves as the innocent victim of the world around us. But, alas, that’s not the case.

As we learn in A Course in Miracles:

The world you see is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition.

There are only two possible choices we can make in the mind: love or fear. And we’re always choosing one or the other.

How do you know which choice you made? By answering this question: How do you feel?

If you feel anything other than complete bliss and radiant joy, then you’ve chosen fear. And if we’re truly honest with ourselves, as we discussed in Lesson 10, we choose fear much more often than we’d like.

Whatever choice we make in the mind, we will then experience an extension of that choice in the world. If we choose the mind of fear, we will see a world of worry, stress, and lack. We will see an alignment of stars that map to the choice we made, a priori, in the mind. Likewise with our parents.

On the other hand, if we choose the mind of love, we’ll experience a world of joy, union, and abundance. With aligned stars and parents accordingly.

The world you see merely represents your thoughts. And it will change entirely as you elect to change your mind.

So the next time you’re wondering if the stars are aligned or your parents really are your parents, the answer is always yes. We choose our star sign, and we choose our parents. We will unfailingly experience a world directly correlated with the choice we make in the mind.

Let’s practice choosing wisely.

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